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This letter might lack some literary luster, but it is high on excitement!

Ever since I got off the plane in Tucson after the lengthy hiatus, Tucson life just swirled me right into it’s wonderful and unexpected tornado.

On the second day of being back I was searching for an art studio and received a proposition to start a new collective gallery at the former Conrad Wilde Gallery downtown! Say what?!?!?! YES!! If you are familiar with the space (101 W 6th St), you know how gorgeous it is! Plus I have tender feelings for the Steinfeld Warehouse Art building. If you are not familiar-here are some photos, but better yet come visit us once we are open! :)

New Collective Gallery Space

It’s been a lot of work to get this new venture going-but all is very exciting and we are in the process of selecting our first artist members. We are scheduled to have a “soft opening” March 2nd. So look for an invite shortly! Everything is very new; we refer to it as “Untitled Gallery” as it hasn’t even been named yet! Do you have any ideas for names? Share! Also if you or your artist friends might be interested in being a part of the gallery-please reach out - I would love to share more information about being involved with you!

Please support us on our new journey and if you are a facebook'er give us a like by clicking here!  I am thrilled to share the excitement of growing and nurturing this new venture with you!

As a cherry on top, I now have a studio in the back of the Untitled Gallery-you are invited to come to the studio and check out new work, works in progress, chat or just say hi! This “life tornado” hit hard, and I didn’t even get to see everyone yet since coming back! The studio is lovely and spacious and has a homey feel to it, it will be open during First Saturday Art Walks and Open Studio Tours, or just let me know when you would like to stop by! I can’t wait to see what happens there!  

New Studio Space

In other thrilling news-I am in charge of organizing the 10th Tucson Erotica Event this year! I love this event and the diversity of people it brings together! Besides Visual art and Performances we are adding Literary Art this year. This is really exciting and the first art submission I received was a Poem-what a confirmation! There are many more ideas in works, so stay tuned! Really hope you come to the opening (invite to follow:) ) and if you are an artist (or know artists!)-spread the word and submit your work! If you are not submitting work but would love to get involved in volunteering for the event because it’s awesome, please let me know - we need help!!

7 months in Estonia, Russia and the Balkans was glorious time of re-calibration, re-connection and inspiration. Last 2 months I spent in my “studio” in Estonia and with family. Leaving home was difficult: I got attached and developed patterns. The rhythm was slow and allowed for a lot of painting time. It was bliss, however I started longing for a community and those “art talks” with fellow artists and friends, which I don’t really have left there after 14 years away. Saying good bye to family, especially my mom who I am very close to was really difficult. My brother printed a copy of her favorite painting of mine "Asylum", and that made us both cry.

Inna Rohr artist painting studio
"Studio" before and after, mother with 'Asylum"

Coming back to Tucson felt heartwarming, joyous, and full of new exciting opportunities! Thank you for your warm welcome and support!

I always cherish and appreciate your replies, much love and many hugs to you all,


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David Scott Moyer
David Scott Moyer
Feb 21, 2019

I still think Untitled Collective is a great name. It is unique, it doesn't over-define what will surely be a diverse and changing group of people, and it's easy to remember.

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