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Untitled Gallery

Upon returning back to the US in the beginning of 2019,

an opportunity presented itself that I just could not pass up! Warehouse Arts Management Organization (WAMO) suggested I start a new collective art gallery at the Steinfeld Warehouse. The gallery space was already set up by the previous tenant: beautiful white walls, exposed brick and wood. In addition, I now had a gorgeous studio  in the back of the gallery! So I "went to work". 

The first opening held at Untitled featured three artists. Few months later in May, with a full team of 7 artists on board, we held our official Grand Opening!

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I am so grateful for the artists who joined and helped nurture and grow Untitled Gallery.

We are proud to add our gallery to the vibrant Tucson Art scene, welcome new and old friends to our monthly receptions and share our works with those visiting Tucson. Also, we get to run the gallery and curate our shows the way we want to! 

This past year we held over a dozen events at the gallery; became proud members of Central Tucson Gallery Association, Contemporary Art Society and invited over 50 non-member artists to show at our Small Works show.

It surely was a year of hard work, growth, learning, expansion, and, above all, gratitude. 

Thank you, friends for your love and support!

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